Waring WMO90 Stainless Steel Commercial Microwave with Push Button Controls - 120V, 1000W

Boasting a durable construction and space-saving size, this Waring WMO90 stainless steel commercial microwave with push button controls is a must-have addition to any standard scale food operation. With 1000W of power, this compact countertop appliance can quickly and efficiently cook sandwiches, soups, pre-packaged lunches, and more! 5 built-in power levels such as high, medium-high, medium, defrost, and hold combined with multi-stage cooking technology accommodates a variety of food types and tasks. Users can cook food items with different combinations of time and power levels by using the 100 different programmable settings to create as many as 10 recipes. These recipes can be accessed with just the push of one of the memory pad buttons and allow even inexperienced employees to cook your most popular foods to perfection time and time again! The 60 minute max cook time assures that virtually any food you put in will come out completely rethermed, while the push button controls make this microwave user-friendly and include Braille to accommodate those with visual impairments. An interior light allows you to monitor your product without stopping the cooking process. The polished stainless steel construction allows for simple cleaning and maintenance, plus it adds visual appeal to your kitchen or break space. This Waring WMO90 unit requires a 120V electrical connection. Overall Dimensions: Left to Right: 20 Front to Back: 17 Height: 12 1/4 Capacity: .9 cu. ft. WMO90 From Waring


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