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Start your day to hot and fresh waffles home-made with your own Chefs Choice Belgian Waffle Maker. This belgian waffle maker makes 4 deep, square waffles for someone with a big appetite. With a professional, heavy duty construction and double heating elements, this Belgian waffle maker cooks your waffles in as little as 90 seconds without the need to flip them mid-cook. Its adjustable cook settings also allow you to pick between color, texture, time and temperature one of the only waffle makers to do so! The nonstick cast-aluminum grids on this Belgian waffle maker release the waffles easily for your enjoyment and the large overflow channel makes cleaning up any spills a breeze. This Belgian waffle maker even detects the batter as soon as it is dropped and starts the timer automatically. Simply pick your settings pour in your batter and wait for the indicator light and beep to enjoy perfectly cooked waffles every day with Chefs Choice Belgian waffle maker. Features: Belgian waffle maker Makes four deep Belgian waffles Makes waffles in 90-120 seconds Professional, heavy-duty construction Bakes evenly and consistently Double heating elements removes need to flip waffles Select color, texture, time, and temperature Fast Bake for crisp outside and moist interior Slow Bake for crunchy, uniform texture Batter drop is automatically detected to begin countdown Non-stick baking plates Overflow channel for easy cleanup Count-down timer Indicator light and beep when waffle is ready Built-in cord storage Can be stored in upright position 1 year warranty Dimensions: 12.37 x 12.12 x 3.87 Click Here to Browse More Products by Chefs Choice


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