Roma By Weston Dual-purpose Electric Motor - 01-0101

Dual-Purpose Electric Motor For the Weston-Roma Manual Pasta Machine and Weston-Roma Sauce Maker The dual-purpose electric motor 01-0101 can be used with the Weston-Roma manual pasta maker 01-0201 or the Weston-Roma sauce maker/food strainer 07-0801. Make fresh pasta or sauce fast and easy with this Weston brand dual purpose electric motor. The Weston 01-0101 electric motor has two speeds for pasta production. The 01-0101 electric motor has an on/off speed switch and is easy to attach to the Weston manual pasta maker or sauce maker. The Picture above is this motor attached to the manual pasta maker 01-0201. Dual Purpose Electric Motor Features: For use with both the Roma manual pasta maker 01-0201 and Sauce maker 07-0801 Model number 01-0101 Electric Motor is Easy to attach Pasta Maker Motor has Two speeds On/off speed switch Shop Manual Pasta Machines and other Weston Products


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