Spaceman 6265H Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine with 3 Hoppers

This Spaceman 6265H soft serve ice cream freezer is ideal for freezing and serving ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt, gelato, and sorbet. The machine is equipped with (3) 1.7 liter freezing cylinders as well as (3) 8 liter mix hoppers. The machine can dispense three different flavors with the option to twin twist and have customers enjoy two flavors at once. With the ability to output 68 quarts an hour and a built-in counter to see number of dispenses per day, as well as total dispenses, the machine is built to cater to busy establishments. Ease of use is another integral aspect to this soft serve freezer. It is equipped with a mix low indicator, which alerts the operator when the mix is running low and gives you time to remedy the issue. The microprocessor controls add a level of convenience by automatically regulating refrigeration and helping ensure consistent product quality by controlling the product's temperature and viscosity levels. Similarly, the built-in standby feature maintains product temperature in the mix hoppers and freezing cylinders below 40 degrees Fahrenheit during long no-use periods, and the hopper agitator ensures consistent product quality and dispensing. These features are designed to give you the highest quality product without added stress. Unlike other soft serve freezers which only offer basic safety protections, the unit has safety considerations built into each feature of its machine. The built-in temperature display shows both the hopper and cylinder temperature to control product safety. The freezer is also equipped with low temperature and motor overload cutouts to protect from cylinder over freezing. Its high pressure switch prevents compressor overheat, while thermal overload protects the freezer from motor overheat. -(3) 1.7 liter freezing cylinders -(3) 8 liter mix hoppers -(3) 1 1/5 hp motors -6500 BTU/HR main compressor that uses R-404A refrigerant -650 BTU/HR separate hopper cooling compressor that uses R-134a refrigerant -Air cooled Overall Dimensions: Width: 24 1/8 Depth: 31 3/16 Height: 41 3/16 6265H From Spaceman


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