Araga Dojo 2: High Speed Strategy Seminar DVD

What is the tactics to catch Japan and the world? The second product which approached in an actual fighting method. Contents * Basis * Base and speed * Running and basis * Agility and quickness * Match in the exercise * Practice of KUMITE in flow * Acquisition of offensive power and counteroffensive power * Special present ~Practice system of French expression~ (R.Araga and R.Tani) * Match done by own distance * Match power is raised in the circuit (Try for all one is worth in having been limited) * Shape of own attack is made (Make the basis of the posture and how to enter) * To the interstice of match and practice * Practice of kick with kick mitt * Improve the skill by a KAKARI practice (Be full of it by a blow) * Last basics (Hit it hard)Language: JapaneseRun Time: 90 min.


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