240V, 3 Phase Pitco SSPE14 Solstice Supreme 12 Gallon Electric Pasta Cooker

The Pitco SSPE14 Solstice Supreme electric pasta cooker makes short work of cooking pasta for your most popular italian dishes, allowing you to turn tables faster and maintains efficiency in your kitchen! Digital controls with precise temperature regulation and 4 menu times make it easy to cook pasta exactly as desired every time, automatically and reliably. An integrated boil/simmer switch allows you to select your desired cooking mode with just the flip of a switch, making it easy to boil your pasta or simmer for precise rethermalizing. And, for the safety of you and your employees, a temperature limit safety switch shuts off the heat if the temperature limit is exceeded. This pasta cooker features an innovative low liquid level sensor that monitors the water level and alerts you if it's too low. Conversely, a tank overflow feature prevents water from boiling out over the side of the tank and collecting on the floor. This helps save your employees from slipping as they move about the kitchen area. And, with the help of a full port drain valve and drain screen, the chance of clogs is virtually eliminated, which is common in pasta cookers with smaller drain openings. For a hassle-free cleaning experience, this Pitco pasta cooker is constructed of marine grade stainless steel with a welded tank that features an extra smooth peened finish. Overall Dimensions: Left to Right: 15 5/8 Front to Back: 39 7/8 Height: 45 5/16 Working Height: 33 7/8 Cooking Area: 14 x 18 x 11 1/4 Capacity: 12 gallons SSPE14 240/3 From Pitco


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