208V, 1 Phase Garland GI-BH/BA 3500 Baby Hob Induction Cooker - 3.5 kW

Improve the safety and efficiency of your commercial kitchen with the Garland GI-BH/BA 3500 Baby Hob induction cooker! This compact hob features cutting edge heating technology combined with real-time temperature control and automatic thermal shutoff to create a comprehensive induction cooker that will boost your output while taking up a minimal amount of valuable countertop space. The GI-BH/BA 3500 features a high impact ceramic glass worktop and 3500W of heating power to easily support and heat magnetic cookware while a dial control knob lets you choose among nine settings to find the perfect temperature for your food. A removable and reusable air intake filter and built-in cooling fan ensure that the interior of the unit stays as cool as possible without clogging with dust and other airborne contaminants. And to make sure cookware doesn't overheat, a thermostatically controlled sensor shuts down the induction process to prevent damage when pans or pots start to run dry. This compact unit comes with a stainless steel exterior for fast and easy cleaning. Overall Dimensions: Left to Right: 12 5/8 Front to Back: 15 Height: 4 1/4 Please note that since this item is built to order, there is a 10% cancellation fee for cancelled orders that have already been built and not shipped yet. GI-BH/BA 3500 208/1 From Garland / US Range


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