Bunn 37600.0002 Coffee Maker - Stainless

This versatile, highly customizable Bunn ICB Infusion stainless steel twin brewer puts the convenience of a wireless brewing system to work in your cafe, buffet, or cafeteria style restaurant. The Bunn ICB Infusion twin brewer can brew directly into 2.5 to 3.8 liter Bunn airpots or 1 and 1.5 gallon Bunn TF baseless servers. Three brew buttons allow you to preprogram three separate brewing profiles. Programmable batch switches give you the option of brewing in full or half size batches. As a component in the Bunn BrewWISE wireless total brewing system, the Bunn ICB Infusion stainless steel twin brewer is ideal for food service operations with limited space. Batch information is communicated between your grinder and brewer through a chip in the portable Smart Funnel. Because youre only moving the small, lightweight funnel from one unit to the other, you can keep your grinder and your brewer in separate areas, cutting down on wasted serving space.



Operation Source Electric
Type Coffee Maker
Power 6050 W
UPC 376000002
MPN 37600.0002

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