Berkel CC34 Food Processor

When you need to chop, slice, dice, blend, or mix large quantities of food on a daily basis, the Berkel CC34 3.2 qt. continuous feed food processor is the right tool for the job! With both a batch bowl component and continuous feed attachment, the Berkel CC34 offers the benefits of both style processors all in one package. Hook up the batch bowl for smaller jobs. Just put the products you wish to chop, grind, blend or mix into the unit's 3.2 qt. stainless steel batch bowl and start processing. Once the batch bowl is full, just empty the batch bowl and begin your next processing job. Hook up the continuous feed attachment for your larger jobs. The continuous feed attachment includes an automatic start/stop function, and a feed tube design that allows the operator to load product with both hands for the fastest possible processing. A heavy duty 4 speed, 1.5 hp commercial grade motor makes lightning fast work of your processing jobs. Once complete, the processed product empties directly into your ingredient bowls or storage bins. Don't worry, even with all these features, the Berkel CC34 food processor is easy to use. Constructed of heavy duty aluminum with integrated handles, the compact Berkel CC34 continuous feed food processor is easy to move from one location to another. The exclusive SureSense speed setting ensures optimal speed settings and perfect cutting results for every application. A pulse function provides even greater operator control for those precise processing jobs. A dual interlock system assures the unit will not function unless all attachments are in their proper position. Clean up is a breeze with the Berkel CC34 food processor! Parts and accessories are easily removable for cleaning. The unit wipes down quickly between uses. Overall Dimensions: Width: 11 Depth: 13 3/4 Height: 23 Cutting plates sold separately.



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