George Foreman GRP99 Indoor Grill
$94.99 - $101.99

George Foreman Grill Knocks Out Clean Healthy Cooking Grills deliver countertop cooking at its best. Loaded with common sense features, it s easy to clean, simple to use and built to accommodate all kinds of foods. The perfect choice for a busy lifestyle, small dorm room, office, kitchen or wherever delicious warm snacks and meals are wanted, this grill is a great way to bring hot foods to your counter top without all the hassle of dragging the kitchen outside. Built for versatility, the George Foreman Grill features a one inch floating hinge, which allows you to cook up thick juicy steaks, salmon fillets and savory chicken breasts with ease. Also a great place to prepare vegetarian options like vegetables and veggie burgers, firm tofu and more, this grill adapts to all kinds of fare. Unlike previous George Foreman Grills, this 96 square-inch favorite features advanced temperature controls and an LED read-out timer that allows you to precisely control the cooking time and temp of each item with precision. And when you re finished with the meal, this grill is quick and easy to clean up. With two removable dishwasher safe cooking plates and drip tray, whether you wipe the pieces clean or load them in the washer, getting this machine clean takes a mere matter of minutes. A great way to bring grilled flavor indoors, the George Foreman Grill delivers savory steaks, juicy grilled vegetables and crispy sandwiches whenever hunger strikes. Try it out and see how easy great grilled food can be.



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